Monday, February 27, 2006


I survived kid weekend in not too bad of shape. Saturday night and a bit of time Sat afternoon was a wee rough. It didn't slow me down though, YAY. (but after not sleeping Sat night, I was dead last night.)

Stool color has changed. In fact, I am hitting the rainbow this week. Yeah, the black is not so good. Especially considering I am a vegetarian who couldn't eat large amounts of spinach, beets and wouldn't eat licorice and don't take an iron supplement that does that.

Still unhappy gut, not assisted by the potluck today at work. An evening of bathroom fun seems to have quieted for now though. Cross your fingers, because I am once again out of sick leave and I want to save vacation for when my kids are home.


Lucy said...

OK -

I can beat black. Which I agree is not a healthy colour. Even for the optimistic tummy troubles veteran.

The other day I thought I would try my housemate's 'liquid clorophyl alfalfa concentrate'. Yuck. Tasted bad, forgot all about it. Until yesterday when I thought 'oh. that's odd, my poo is FLUORECENT GREEN! I feel fine... I wonder if I need to go to the hospital or something.' Hmmm...

Its almost on par with the time I ate (and completely failed to digest) watermelon - which came out bright red and sent me into a brief fit. (Lucy - how is it possible to fail to digest watermelon??). Oh yeah... and there was the undigested sundried tomato incident... and the lamb chop.

I'm stopping now.

Sending you a ton of calming tummy thoughts!

TW said...

Yes, the undigesteds can be fascinating. In honor of Girl Scout cookie time, I have had a definite peanut butter aroma and interestingness this week.

As for the flourescent green, if you ever have children who, or if you are ever tempted to eat something crazily BLUE, it will also produce flourescent green. SERIOUSLY green. First time I changed a tot's diaper with that I about fainted.

Jen said...

Green and blue veterans. Oy.

That potluck had to be rough on you.

"Cross your fingers, because I am once again out of sick leave and I want to save vacation for when my kids are home."

You are in my thoughts.