Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blecky Birthday

My baby turned seven yesterday but we had her party tonight. It was rough. I am having a wee bit of tummy trouble (yeah, wee bit as in the kind that a non-IBD person would take as a reason to stay home in bed with crackers and 7-up) Instead, I was baking a cookie cake and making my child's favorite meal...a pasta dish that I enjoyed in my pre food is evil days. Now it is one I can barely stand to see/smell much less the evil if I eat it. I thought I was doing ok with it all...until I saw birthday candle blowing out pictures with me looking like the ghost of birthdays wayyyyyyyyyyyy future and bad. ugh. Oh well, the kid liked it but phenergan and lortab better be my friends or else it will be a long night.


Emsxiety said...

Im on phenergan too. They gave me Levsin for the intestinal spasms which is nice, but I prefer phenergan. I have to say I flat out love my phenergan more than any medication out there.

TW said...

I wish I did. Although it saves me many a day. At this point, I don't love any of it.