Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I wish I could think of something

other than yucky to describe this post. I missed 3 doses of my Imuran due to a dumb CVS store screw up. Yet another one. I never thought I would say I miss Eckerds BUT I DO. Unfortunately the mix up wasn't discovered until I was out of town for my lovely mommy weekend. The handful of scripts was grabbed. You would think they would have filled them right. Instead I had TWO bottles of promethezine (phenergan, the nausea stuff) and a bottle of medicine I am NO LONGER taking. No tramadol (for the owie tummy stuff) or IMURAN; which of course is the key component of the mix. Well, vacation usually does ok with me for a while, unless we are talking serious travel. So I was good for the weekend. Even ok Monday when I picked up the redone order...where we were walking out and discovered yes, the Imuran but YET ANOTHER BOTTLE OF the promethazine. So lets review here...3 bottles of nausea meds that I generally can get a few months out of ONE. No pain meds. Well, Monday was one of those days you just don't want to ever have outside of the pharmacy mix up and I didn't have energy to deal with them. (when we got there we had to wait in a long line, then wait LONGER while she couldn't find the second script bag.)

Anyhow, last night we left to go pick up the big girl. No problem. Car ride. I do good with that. No, by the time the 6 hours was up I was done. Lots of pain. No drugs. Today was worse because not being at work I actually ate breakfast and lunch. I don't eat at work because the bathroom trips and possible having to go home wreaks havoc on my work life. Lots of bathroom trips in the sketchiest of bathrooms. Always my favorite. I do have to say that the Target bathroom in Charleston was possibly the cleanest one I have ever been in inside a Target. (though I ditched the first stall because of "sprinkle when you tinkle" that hadn't been wiped up)

We are home now and I have a to do list twelve miles long; instead I am here griping and wishing instead of digging around for one of the last lortabs I have without dealing with the doc I could just have some sort of outpatient IV morphine or whatever it is they put in those things when I get stuck in the hospital.

How can missing 3 doses of a drug that took almost a year to kick in leave me in this kind of shape? Grrr. Yeah, I know, I have had some sketchy problems the past few months anyway but darn it, I HURT and that really sucks, really, really hard; especially since this is my kid weekend. Not to mention the fact that there seems to be a command performance at a work-related party on Friday. Anyone want to go in my place to a crab and shrimp boil, ham feast and grouper thing. (remembering that smelly food kills me and seafood is the worst AND I don't eat meat. I am also coming down with an ear infection/throat thing which will probably land me on antibiotics which always causes flaring.

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Vanda said...

Did you every get the correct meds?

Emsxiety said...


TW said...

Yes, finally. Well, wait, I still don't have the one script but it is sort of optional.