Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Doctor Report

Saw the nurse practitioner and it wasn't pretty. She suggested putting me in the hospital for pain control. I didn't go for it. She suggested more strongly. Then went and got me a script for a different pain med with the warning that I ought to just go to the hospital anyway and if this didn't work there wasn't going to be a choice.

Sigh. Don't they understand that I have a job, a family, a life? A job that is not amused that I am not there and have no sick leave...a job that thinks I am skivving work for a birthday vacation? No.

Have to call back and make a colonoscopy appointment for as soon as possible. The power went out as I was getting my script. Soooooo...that is the update.

Bizarre thing: I was sure I had GAINED 10-15 lbs since the last appointment because I can't hardly button my pants. Nope, lost 12 since the June appointment. So the buttoning thing is all distended owie stomach.

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Emsxiety said...

Hopefully the new pain medication will work. If your work truly knows you, there is no way they can think you're trying to get a birthday vacation.
I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!

TW said...

Well, Em, that is the thing. They see a lot of absences and think I don't want to be there. Sigh.

I love my work but sometimes, yeah, I take vacation days to spend time with my family. Sometimes I am too damn sick to go to work or stay at work. (though having my own office has helped somewhat since I don't feel like such a spectacle.) This summer has been a frequent out for kid stuff kind of time.

They don't care that I haven't taken but about 3 lunch hours in the 2 years I have been there. They don't care that I sit here at night and work. All they care about is a vaguely warm body filling a chair from 8-5.

Emsxiety said...

Frustrating.. if only they knew.

Anonymous said...

Geez. So much of this I have been through and continue to deal with every day. I take two control substances, have cancer and a recent triple heart by-pass. Currently dealing with the results of radiation in the pelvic area and doing colocort. Had two polyps removed last spring.
The doc has done an application of Formalin to stop the bleeding last May. Talking about another in November or possible argon laser treatment. Oncologist tells me it's a 2-3 year thing treated or not. Cannot work or do stuff socially as the "problem" is tough to control or predict.
Don't ever feel like a "junkie" for taking pain killers that help. Or asking for stronger ones when they stop. You'll stop taking it when the pain quits, believe me.

TW said...

Thanks Anon. The working thing is hard. Socially is least work social stuff. Home, I never was a social butterfly and my family has gotten accustomed to the whole sure we can go but only if...and last minute cancellations.

Re: the pain meds. Yep, I definitely know. There are a couple of young people in my office and they were chattering a year or so ago about hydrocodone and I looked at them and had to break it to them that having a script for it didn't make for a junkie.