Monday, August 29, 2005


Last night was my worst tummy night and it has turned into my worst day since the last time I was in the hospital I think. REALLY crampy and yucky and my stomach is distended to the point of clothes that fit last week strained at the buttons today.

I was going to call the doctor but managed to grit my teeth and work longer than I planned to when I swept into the office this morning. Swept is overstating it more than a bit because it was really more of a dragged myself into because I knew there was stuff that I HAD TO GET DONE. Then I got home with a migraine, killer guts and headache meds and such seemed like a better idea. Then homework madness and with the lights on and so on it doesn't seem quite as bad right? Besides that, I am enough of a WebMD and general on and offline health reader that I already know what will happen when I call.

I know. I know. Its bad. But tomorrow is my birthday. sigh.

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