Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Today's Tummy Troubles

For the past few days I have had queasy tummy troubles and yesterday the visit the bathroom sort. So today, after I was awake for about an hour I was pleased when I didn't have any gut issues. I even managed a whole day at work without them.

Unfortunately, we stopped at Falafal King for dinner. We have eaten there before and while it isn't always the best cuisine for tummy trouble it is normally ok. The falafal came. Really oddly dark and dense. Hmm...haven't changed the grease in a while? New boy making it? Well, no, halfway through my first falafal ball, just as I was deciding it was growing on me, it occurred to me that the the new darkness and odd texture was PISTACHIOS. Oh geez, definitely not a good idea for tummy trouble. I made up for the trips I know I will be making by thoroughly enjoying the heavily green tabbouleh that came with (which would be chancy at best even without pistachios.) So far, seriously yucky queasy level and 2 bathroom trips. Fun fun fun...until daddy takes the t-paper away...errr I just made that up and there is no daddy in this house to do so...but in any case...I hate tummy troubles

I did listen to the Crohn's Talk podcast tonight though. They are new at this whole podcasting thing but truly adorable. Wish I could talk my love into following all the nice instructions the boyfriend gave.

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Denise said...

Hey, I patted you on the back like Jackie suggested! I don't do compassion, you know that and if I did it would bug you. So don't gripe.

TW said...

Giggle, I don't think the shoulder pat was the best part of the suggestions.