Sunday, May 27, 2007

Crohn's is Expensive

Never mind that prescriptions run over $100 a month or I hit my out-of-pocket maximum every year on co-pays. We won't count the stuff that is just part and parcel of Crohn's. It all rots and I am very grateful for the insurance that covers the largest part of my Crohn's expenses. The insurance I had when I was diagnosed and for the first year of Crohn's meant 20K out of pocket in less than a year, just for direct medical expenses, not including the scripts and non-prescription stuff.

Crohn's has now required a new computer. Yes, that is right. A new computer.

You see, a couple months back, I had one of those get to the bathroom RIGHT now moments. In my hurry to not have messy cleanup, the laptop didn't get to its spot and instead crashed to the ground. As I ran to the bathroom and ran back, I worried. My computer wasn't that old...just a couple years. It had some "I wish it..." issues but it was my computer. We had bonded.

Thankfully, the computer seemed ok...sort of. It made some strange new whirs and clacks but it worked. Then the usb ports started acting up and the click pad thingy wasn't happy. Ok, thats fine. I found a work around for when it wouldn't click. The click would come back. But then, today, it died. sort of. I was working along and fade to black. Hmm. Jiggle. Ok, it's back. No, it isn't. Fade to black again. Ok, reboot time! Turned the computer off, gave it a rest. Turned it back on. All better...for 10 minutes. Then...back to black. Then auto shutdown. Then nothing on a reboot. At all. Well, the nice noises. But nothing. sigh. Near weeping. We don't have money for a new laptop. Yes, I could take over a kid's computer, share a computer, but sigh, I spend a lot of time with my computer. In bed. sigh.

Lovely partner looked at some reconditioned ones online. Nothing was appealing. I didn't want to spend money and get a new computer. I wanted MY computer. sigh. We hooked a monitor up to the laptop. Eureka! Computer...but extremely awkward and the computer was still making impending death noises.

So, I read my feeds, when all else fails, read your feeds. Lifehacker had the heads up on the new Dealighted.

It is a new deal aggregator much like I clicked. I always click to see new stuff. I often click, peer at it, and beta is just about like another after a while. It takes a lot for me to get excited. This one was different...why? Guess what was at the top? A new laptop, pick up in store, less than $400 with a free printer. Yep, it is basic but it works. Of course, it feels weird, looks weird and has VISTA. (which looks incredibly weird by the way) +it has nothing on it, so my week will be installing software and fidgeting settings.

I know. I should be excited about a new computer. I am not. It is just more money I didn't have and didn't want to spend. It is unfamiliar and weird when I am already crabby on prednisone. Plus the fade to black of my old computer is also costing me nearly 16 hours of work on my extra job this weekend too. Sigh. I guess I will get to know my new computer with some late nights this week, hope my body cooperates.

Anyone want to send me stickers to make my new laptop mine?


Carol said...

Thank you for your reply to my post about AZA, I really appreciate your input !!!


AND yes, CD is expensive. I had full medical coverage & it was still costing me over three hundred a month! (not to mention undies! lol)

TW said...

Mine probably works out to 300 or so a month as well, after tests/hospital/over-the-counter expenses.

Emsxiety said...

Stickers huh? Anything we want?

TW said...

sure. But, currently the "new' computer is headed back for a return. It self destructed. Insanely. I strongly believe there is a reason Circuit City was practically giving away the darn things.