Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Digestive Disease Week

It is Digestive Disease Week in Washington. You know what that means...besides lines for the bathroom...lots of news and wanna be news on Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, and other fun digestive diseases. One of my news feeds pulled the story that popcorn is ok now for folks with Diverticulosis!
There is also the ChemoCentryx spiel on Traficet-EN. which is a treatment in clinical trial for ibd.
Then there is something about Ligand Rosiglitazone for Active Ulcerative Colitis (Hey that page also talks about the nuts/popcorn thing)

Anyhow, with that many GI docs in one place you will be seeing all sorts of media stories to talk to your doc about next time you see her/him. Just remember, a lot of this stuff is smoke/mirrors/flash and clinical trials. A small study can seem like a dream, a new drug can seem like a cure, in reality...more research needs to be done and you may not have these options in your area...and they might not be the ones for you.

All that said, I still watch the press releases from DDW like a fiend and am interested in the ideas. It never hurts to find out what theories are out there or ask your doc about the newest research.

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