Thursday, May 24, 2007

Diet and Crohns

I don't talk much about Crohn's and diet around here.

Mostly because it is just so boring. I reliably can't eat: spinach, cole slaw (really more about the cabbage), pizza (see tomato sauce), lettuce, pretty much any leafy green, nuts, sesame seeds, popcorn, cream cheese, deep-fried foods, (yeah, so pretty much all those fatty foods folks are supposed to avoid definitely are out for me) tomato sauce, more than a slice of tomato.

Depending on how brave I am and how I am doing some high fiber/whole grain stuff is ok. Lots of anything at all is bad. Sometimes a combo is bad. Sometimes a combo with a light amount of off listed food can be ok. I don't flip out if they throw a few crushed peanuts on my pad thai but sesame seeds on bread can set me off big time, but limited tahini and sesame oil are fine. Add to all this the fact that I am primarily vegetarian.

But then, there are the times when all raw veggies are painful, whole grains hurt, protein makes me puke, fruit is frightening, beans bite. White bread, pasta and cheese, with maybe a side of banana, cooked pumpkin/squash (skinless), green beans, maybe melon. Yum. Low residue. Low fiber.

Then again I can make lists all day and eat things all on the ok list and still find myself in the bathroom all day. So, I avoid breakfast. I rarely eat lunch at work. Right now, since I am on Prednisone, I have to have a breakfast and lunch, so the fabulous Boost is my "meal" for those two, unless I am home. Otherwise, the flare and food means I can't work.

And, everyone with Crohn's and Colitis has a different list. Depending on your Crohn's high fiber might be the way to go every day...or it can kill you. Depending on where your Crohn's or Colitis can eat different foods.

Then there are the "miracle cure" and just give it a shot diets. Biblical. Raw Foods. SCD. Ayurvedic. Aloe. Green. Lactose-free, yeast-free, sugar-free, gluten-free. They help some people. They hurt other folk. None has been so hot for me...but I will probably give each another shot. When in the middle of a mess you grab whatever rope you can.

In any case, I got to talking about diet because I read Gluten-Free(k)'s post the other day about needing some ideas for summer. She has gotten her Crohn's under control, her celiac's is getting better...and she is looking for food to eat and enjoy this summer. Go take a look at what she can and can't have...and give her some ideas. I am looking forward to some lettuce free summer dishes myself.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean.

I just found your blog and it is all so familiar. I'm sorry you have to go through it too.

I was diagnosed in the 80s with chrones. It has been a battle ever since. Some days some foods are fine, the next day forget it. On the upbeat side - I don't have to worry about getting fat.

It is hard I know; keep the chin up.

TW said...

Exactly on the one day something is fine, the next day no way. I feel like the pickiest eater on the planet some days.