Tuesday, May 22, 2007

DDW Round up for Tuesday

New Data On the Probiotic Strain Bifantis Woo hoo mice, salmonella and probiotics. Yet another reason why probiotics may be worth a shot for you.

Lialda and Ulcerative Colitis Remission Mesalamine didn't work out so hot for me because of a reaction to it, but even if it had, the schedule was a killer for it. The remission rates are probably related to making it far easier to not miss doses/forget doses/have to hassle with finding food/bev/time to take it at all hours of day and night, which I am all for, so this is good news.

Phase III reports from Humira and Crohn's "CHARM" studies are in and good so far...showing fewer hospitalizations. At least on my skim of it and of course, I am a patient not a study expert, this is press release from Humira as well, so who knows what isn't in the article.

Cimzia for Crohn's Press Release Cimzia appears to be another anti-tnf investigational drug that is supposed to avoid cellular cytotoxicity.

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