Wednesday, May 30, 2007


First, do you wonder if these docs made use of some samples after the indigestion?

Second, doctor today was fast! (everyone was in a hurry for lunch...except me...I just wanted to get back to work) Unfortunately, not good. Some new fancy ct scan on Friday. She also said the F word...yeah fistula. So, no work on Friday. Sigh. Also...Remicade started ASAP. sigh. Lots of sighing. Not good. But fasting blood sugar was fine! Yay! Blood pressure unremarkable. Pulse not horrid. I didn't jump off the table when she prodded my belly, but yeah it still hurt. Anyone know why she does this leg thing every time too? She leans over, presses her hands on both of my thighs and seems to meditate. Sometimes this takes her a lonnnnnng time. Especially lately. Not just the ankle squeeze thing they do. (she does that too.) Crohn's rots.


Emsxiety said...

I think it's because you have pretty legs.

Sorry it went so sucky.

TW said...

Oh, that is right! I forgot. Great legs. Someone here is more attracted to other parts, but my mother always said I had great legs.